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Ergonomic Assessments

WorkplaceOsteo consultants conduct two different type of Ergonomic Assessments;

Individual Ergonomic Assessments and Workplace Ergonomic Sweeps

Individual Ergonomic Assessments 

Individual Ergonomic Assessments are generally utilised in instances of a pre-existing injury or complaint that is affecting a worker.  

Regardless of whether the issue has arisen from work conditions or not, an Individual Ergonomic Assessment can offer workplace solutions and advice on the management of the complaint.

A comprehensive report is compiled after the assessment for reference if needed at a later date.

Workplace Ergonomic Sweeps 

Workplace Ergonomic Sweeps are used as pro-active approach to improving office ergonomics as a whole.

WorkplaceOsteo consultants assess and make adjustments to individual workstations as a preventative measure against improper workplace ergonomics and related injuries.

We require 10-15minutes for each staff members' assessment and furniture adjustments.

You will receive a report identifying any limitations in your current office furniture, any ergonomic aids required to help achieve optimum ergonomics for each staff member, and also identifying any staff members who may be at higher risk of workplace injury.

Workplace Ergonomic Sweeps are a great wellbeing initiative, especially if you have recently moved or re-fitted your office.

Work From Home Ergonomic Assessment Melbourne

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