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How It Works

A nationally-registered Osteopath will come to your workplace to provide services including:

Osteopathic consultations and Ergonomic Assessments.


As an Early Intervention strategy, Onsite Osteopathy services minimises the risk and rate of workers' compensation costs.

All businesses are different, so please call or email us to discuss the specific needs of your business and how we can help.


Improving Personal and Collective Productivity

WorkplaceOsteo services will impact the wellbeing of your staff at an individual level creating a more productive workforce collectively.

Better wellbeing programs help businesses:
-Increase Productivity
-Decrease Absenteeism
-Attract New Talent
-Retain Valued Staff
-Fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility

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Osteopathy is a safe and gentle form of hands-on therapy which can involve soft-tissue massage, joint mobilisation and stretching techniques as part of the treatment.  Management of cases can come in the form of adjusting workplace ergonomics, exercise advice and stretching or exercise prescription. 
Osteopaths treat the body as a whole unit, not just not just focussing on the site where you feel your pain. 
At WorkplaceOsteo, our Osteopaths utilise an evidence-informed approach to help them achieve ultimate satisfaction from their corporate clients.
Onsite Osteopathic services could be used for work-related or non work-related complaints, saving time and increasing the engagement at work and efficiency of your staff.

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